My first encounter with a Doberman was the neighbour's dog who chased me on my bike and horse when I was a child. Needless to say, I wasn't enamoured with the breed... But when a coworker brought his dog into work, it didn't take me long to fall in love and the next thing that I knew, I had my first Doberman and Diabla had me wrapped around her little paw.
The 14 years and 8 months that we were together simply wasn't long enough... and yet, we did so much together, so many firsts - conformation, breeding, rally obedience, obedience... but in the end, she was a piece of my heart - forever loyal and forever loved.
Diabla's daughter, Belle, continued in the pawprints of her mother. Blazing her way, as only a red can do - with independence and finesse. I lost Belle at 10 years, 9 months - too soon... she had 2 lovely litters and had 2 High in Trial wins (first for me!). She was also my first Rally Excellent titled dog and my first Best Veteran in Specialty win.
Through Diabla and Belle, I developed a love for the Rally Obedience ring but still hyperventilate in the formal Obedience ring! I openly admire those who train their dogs in this venue - Rally is so much more fun since I can talk in the ring!!! Belle's daughter Mae wanted to do agility... but frankly I am not as enamored with the sport as Mae is - those 7:30 start times are tough! lol 
But Mae and I have worked hard in Rally and in 2015 completed 37 Rally Runs, which as of October 2015 placed her as the #9 Rally Dog in Canada. She is finished for the year so I know that we won't remain in this position but it's nice now to be able to say it! lol
At the 2014 American Doberman National, Masi, Mae and I attended a Barn Hunt Workshop and all 3 of us fell in love with the sport. We drove down to Montana Thanksgiving 2015 and had a blast! Customs officials on both sides of the border are completely convinced that we were crazy when we explained to them that we were finding rats in tubes on a straw bale course! 
Through training and competing, I feel that I have a deeper relationship with my dogs. They are all couch potatoes but they absolutely LOVE getting ME off the couch to go train!
Member of: Canadian Kennel Club, Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada and the Alberta Doberman Pinscher Club. Also served on both the Board of the DPCC and the ADPC.
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